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I can’t stop drinking coffee. I stop drinking the coffee then I stop doing the standing, and the walking, and the words-putting-into-sentences doing.

Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

It’s comforting to have a cup of coffee in your hands. It’s much more than a morning drink. Coffee motivates you to crawl out of bed before the sun is up so you can start your morning commute. It gives you a high-five before your big meeting to say “you got this, kid.” It’s something you can tightly grip during an awkward first date. Whatever you’re facing, coffee is a security blanket and an old friend. That’s why it’s necessary to know where to find coffee on a Disney World vacation. Disney may be the most magical place on Earth, but it’s also the most stressful. It’s difficult to associate the word “relaxing” with a Disney vacation. It’s a non-stop marathon of waiting in line, rushing the crowds, and standing in the hot sun. Yes, you should definitely drink a lot of water because you’ll die in the oppressive Florida sun if you don’t. Sometimes though, you need an extra kick to feel like you’re going to make it to your next FastPass. Also, if you came looking for the best coffee at Disneyland in California head over to my post here. They’ve got some great coffee concoctions on the West Coast too!

I’ve indulged in coffee all over Disney World and tasted pretty much every blend that Joffrey’s has produced. I’m a coffee snob from the Pacific Northwest, you see. I only drink coffee that’s been brewed through a French Press, a fancy Chemex kettle, or prepared with the tender-loving-care of a Seattle Barista. I don’t even drink Starbucks. You wanna know the best places to find coffee at Disney World? I’m your girl. I’ve chosen 5 of the best places at each park so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the choices. Joffrey’s Coffee partnered with Disney a few years ago so most places serve this brand. What makes the coffee great is either the environment, the food served with the coffee, or the stuff they mix it with. And yes, I got over my pride and listed all the places you can find Starbucks at Disney World too.

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Magic Kingdom

Chicken Skewer and Cold Brew Coffee from Westward Ho in Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Chicken Skewer and Cold Brew – Westward Ho in Magic Kingdom

One thing to know: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom have a Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea located outside each of the main gates. You can grab your coffee while waiting for the park to open! Magic Kingdom’s coffee stand is located at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

  1. Main Street Bakery A.K.A. Starbucks (Main Street U.S.A): Full Starbucks food/beverage menu and special Disney treats like Mickey rice crispies and seasonal cupcakes.
  2. Westward Ho Food Cart (Frontierland near the loading dock for Tom Sawyer’s Island): Cold brew and breakfast sandwiches in the morning or cold brew and candied bacon in the afternoon! They also have hot coffee and muffins.
  3. Gaston’s Tavern (Fantasyland near Be Our Guest restaurant): Drip coffee which goes best with the giant, warm cinnamon roll enjoyed in front of the cozy fireplace.
  4. Sleepy Hollow (Liberty Square across the bridge on the left side of the castle): Iced mocha, iced french vanilla coffee or drip coffee served with funnel cakes, and waffle sandwiches. Snack credits are calling your name!
  5. Cheshire Cafe (Fantasyland near the Teacups): Cold brew or hot coffee served best with the chocolate-filled Cheshire Cat Tail pastry.
Cheshire Cat Tail Pastry and Cold Brew Coffee from Cheshire Cafe in Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Cheshire Cat Tail and Cold Brew – Cheshire Cafe


Epcot's Spaceship Earth and Starbucks Iced Coffee in Disney World

This selection excludes coffee concoctions served at Epcot’s seasonal festival. The menus change yearly, so I suggest you pick up a festival passport at the park entrance to see if there’s something caffeinated to enjoy! My favorite coffee drink is Food and Wine Festival’s Chilled Coffee with Godiva chocolate liqueur from the Belgium pavilion. Hopefully, it will come back next year! More tips on Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival here!

  1. Fountain View A.K.A Starbucks (Near the Fountain of Youth in Future World): Full Starbucks food/beverage menu and special Disney treats like Mickey rice crispies and seasonal cupcakes.
  2. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Stand (Near Mission Space): Lattes (hot or cold), cappuccinos, cold brew, giant doughnuts, and pastries.
  3. Sunshine Seasons (The Land Pavilion): Sunshine Seasons is perfect for a hearty and healthy breakfast. They serve cold brew, cappuccinos, and a full breakfast menu. Great place for vegan/vegetarians too!
  4. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (World Showcase, France): Fun Fact: Technically World Showcase opens later than Future World, but small restaurants like Les Halles and Kringla Bakeri are open early for breakfast! There’s nothing better than wandering through the nearly empty countries and stopping in France for some pastries. At Les Halles, you’ll find cappuccinos, lattes, drip coffee, and an expansive sweet & savory pastry menu.
  5. Tangierine Cafe – Morrocco Coffee (World Showcase, Morrocco): The Tangierine Coffee made with orange liqueur is my favorite! You know you’ll need a nightcap after your day at Epcot. Tangierine Cafe also serves cappuccinos, lattes, pastries, sandwiches, and baklava.
  6. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (World Showcase, Norway): The crowd-favorite here is the Viking Coffee flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream. Pair it with a Troll Horn pastry or the famous cardamom School Bread made with custard and coconut shavings!
Tangierine Coffee and Baklava from Morocco pavilion in Disney World's Epcot
Tangierine Coffee and Baklava – Morocco

Hollywood Studios

Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte from Joffrey's Coffee at Hollywood Studios in Disney World

Bonus Hollywood Studios choice! The adorable Dockside Diner on Echo Lake serves up coffee and hot cocoa made with Kahlúa or Baileys Irish Cream. You know, for the one month out of the year Disney World gets cold.

  1. The Trolley Car Cafe A.K.A Starbucks (Hollywood Boulevard): Full Starbucks food/beverage menu and special Disney treats like Mickey rice crispies and seasonal cupcakes.
  2. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea (Near Tower of Terror or Pixar Place): Lattes (hot or cold), cappuccinos, cold brew, giant doughnuts, and pastries.
  3. Woody’s Lunch Box (Toy Story Land): Starbucks and Woody’s Lunch Box are two of the only places open in the morning that serve food in Hollywood Studios. At Woody’s, you can get a cold brew and match it with a gourmet Pop Tart. Or, skip the formalities and go straight for the Grown-Up Lemonade. It’s never too early for a drink on vacation!
  4. The Hollywood Brown Derby (Table Service): You can order a regular cup of drip coffee or the French Press Pot which serves two or more people. This is best paired with the classic Grapefruit Cake.
  5. Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (Table Service): Plenty of coffee choices are available at Mama Melrose’s. Choose from Frozen or hot cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, mochas, or a french press pot. For the best coffee dessert, try the Tiramisu.
Iced latte coffee from Trolley Car Cafe in Hollywood Studios at Disney World

Animal Kingdom

Iced Starbucks latte in front of Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom in Disney World
  1. Creature Comforts A.K.A. Starbucks (Near Discovery Island bridge): Full Starbucks food/beverage menu and special Disney treats like Mickey rice crispies and seasonal cupcakes.
  2. Royal Anandapur Tea Company A.K.A. Joffrey’s Coffee (Asia near Yak & Yeti Restaurant): Assorted iced teas, lattes (hot or cold), cappuccinos, cold brew, giant doughnuts, and pastries.
  3. Isle of Java (Near DinoLand bridge): Coffee stand devoted to french vanilla and mocha iced coffees, cappuccinos, espresso, Elephant Ear pastries, and apple cider donut holes. For an extra kick, try the Island Cappuccino made with white chocolate and rum.
  4. Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery (Africa near Kilimanjaro Safari): This the best place to grab a quick breakfast at Animal Kingdom. Choose from drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino, iced french vanilla latte or iced mocha. For food, Kusafiri usually serves hot breakfast wraps, giant cinnamon rolls, and various pastries.
  5. Nomad Lounge (Discovery Island near Pandora): Nomad Lounge is the connecting bar inside the full-service restaurant, Tiffins. This lounge is a hidden gem within Animal Kingdom. You can order small bites from the Tiffins menu and anything from the bar. The real star is the Traditional Mustang Coffee cocktail made with Crown Royal, brown sugar, and butter. The Server told us that this cocktail was added to the menu by Joe Rhode, the Imagineer behind many concepts and attractions at Animal Kingdom. Rhode said he was served this same drink when visiting Nepal on his research trip for Animal Kingdom.
Traditional Mustang Coffee and drinks from Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom at Disney World
Traditional Mustang Coffee (Right) – Nomad Lounge

Bonus! Disney Springs

Lattes with Character at Joffrey’s Coffee: There are two Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea and two Starbucks at Disney Springs. For dessert and coffee, Amorette’s serves cappuccinos and lattes along with decadent cakes and cookies. The best, best, best place to get your morning java is at Joffrey’s Tea Traders Cafe. The coffee shop is located near Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in The Landing. This is where you can pick up the most Instagram-worthy latte in Disney World. Baristas print a picture of Mickey, Minnie, or Donald right into the foam! The coffee tastes the same as any other Joffrey’s latte, but it’s way cuter. This location caters to the party scene and stays open until 2am, Thursday through Saturday!

Minnie Mouse Latte Art from Joffrey's Tea Traders Cafe in Disney Springs at Disney World
Minnie Mouse Latte Art – Joffrey’s Tea Traders Cafe

Caffeinated Insider Tips

1. Iced beverages in Florida can sometimes taste a little off. This is due to the nasty Florida tap water they freeze for ice. Just know that the taste of your coffee may be affected by this. I find that Joffrey’s iced blends like the Shakin’ Jamaican taste a little weird.

2. Get authentic Disney coffee sent to your home! Joffrey’s Coffee creates special Disney blends for various signature restaurants in Disney World, Disneyland, and Aulani. All of these blends are available for order online! This is the perfect way to bring some of that cozy Disney feeling into your home. A couple of great blends are the Kona, Sanaa, and Napa Rose.

3. My Personal Favorite Place for Coffee: My go-to place for caffeine and chill is less about the taste of coffee and more about the environment. If I had to choose one place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee it would have to be California Grill at The Contemporary. On our last trip, my mom and I made a really late reservation at this rooftop restaurant. Then we ordered a French Press to share with desserts. After coffee, we went outside to the observation deck and took in the bird’s eye view of Magic Kingdom. The enjoyment of drinking coffee is not about taste. It’s about sharing a cozy moment with you, coffee, and the people you care about.

Press Pot Coffee at California Grill in The Contemporary Resort at Disney World
Press Pot Coffee – California Grill

Are you ready for your Disney World vacation? Feeling jazzed and more caffeinated than before you started reading this article? They say that even the thought of coffee gives people the same energizing effect that comes with drinking it. I’m not sure the about facts behind this, but I can definitely see it being true. Just the thought of grinding up some beans, brewing a fresh batch then mixing it with cream and sugar is enough to get your blood pumping.

Next time you’re in the parks remember that there is always time to slow down and enjoy a coffee break. A Disney vacation can be a long process and sometimes all you need is a break from the crowds and stress of your vacation. You gotta fit in these breaks if you want to make it to the fireworks. Taking a moment to connect with your loved ones over a comforting cup of magic might be just what you need.

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