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The Ultimate Guide to Theme Park Discount Tickets!

  • Which Discount Theme Park Ticket Companies are Legitimate
  • Using Disney Gift Cards to Save on Your Vacation 
  • Other Money-Saving Disney World Hacks & Free Gift for You!

It’s a little scary purchasing Disney discount tickets online. Are the tickets legitimate? Are the discounts really that good? Will they take my money and run away to Canada leaving me with nothing but a pair of Mickey ears and lost hope?

I totally get it. You don’t want to get scammed and there are hundreds of conflicting reviews on every website and Facebook group. This leaves you feeling unsure whether you’re choosing the best company and getting the best deal.

The thing is, Disney vacations will never be “cheap” by most people’s standards, but there are a few ways to shave off a few dollars here and there. And with ticket prices increasing about every few months, every dollar helps when it comes to saving for a theme park vacation.

You can stay at a Disney World Value Resort, keep your snacks under a budget, or purchase tickets through an authorized third party ticket seller. 

The good news is, there are a handful of reliable discount ticket companies that many Disney experts will confidently endorse. As someone who plans magical vacations for a living, I’m confident in this selection as well. 

This is a curated list of all the legitimate and authorized discount ticket sellers that you can fully trust and won’t scam you.

Rather watch a video about it instead of reading? Check out my YouTube video about my two favorite discount ticket companies below!

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15 Ways to Save on Your Disney Vacation!

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Are discount Disney tickets legitimate?

Yes, they can be, but you have to be careful. There are a ton of companies online and in the Orlando area that claims to have cheap Disney World tickets. Don’t be fooled by the tempting prices! DO NOT buy tickets from anyone on Craigslist, eBay, or anywhere else. You will be scammed. The discount companies I’m listing below are authorized Disney ticket sellers.

What kinds of tickets do wholesale ticket companies sell?

Most companies start at 2 or 3-day discount tickets. It’s rare to find tickets that sell discounted 1-day tickets. From there, most companies will allow you to purchase discount Park Hoppers, MaxPass (Disneyland), and special event passes for the Halloween and Christmas parties. The companies I’m listing below also offer discounted tickets for Universal Studios, Legoland, and other theme parks or attractions.

5 Companies You Can Trust Buying Discount Disney Tickets and Packages

Ariel in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

#5 AAA

It was until a few years ago did I realize AAA sold anything other than auto insurance. AAA Travel is an extremely reliable way to get discounts on Disney tickets. They also offer deals on other Disney products like cruises and the Aulani resort in Hawaii. The only problem with AAA is that you need membership in order to enjoy the discounts. This is a great option if you’re already a AAA member or considering becoming one!

Discount Ticket Comparison: AAA vs. Disney World

3-Day Base Ticket for September 2nd, 2019
(Price As of August 2019)

One note about these comparisons: The prices are definitely subject to change from the discount company or Disney. It’s just to give you an approximate savings amount.

Discount Ticket Comparison: AAA vs. Official Disney World Website

#4 Costco

Here’s the thing, Costco used to offer discount tickets, but they’ve transitioned into discount packages. You can no longer buy tickets without a hotel stay. If you want to buy a package that includes a hotel stay, Costco is a good place to search for deals. 

The only downside is that their packages are very specific. They might have something like “5 days at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort with Tickets Included.” The dates may have to be between a certain time and you can’t customize the resort. 

This doesn’t mean you won’t get a good deal! You just won’t have the same flexibility you have when booking through Disney. 

Much like AAA, you need a membership to purchase any products or deals at Costco. Although, it’s more likely that you or someone you know has a Costco membership. 

And, since it’s Costco, you can feel confident you won’t be sold fraudulent tickets and packages. Who doesn’t love Costco?

Discount Ticket Comparison: Costco vs. Disney World

5 Night Stay at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort and 3-Day Base Ticket (Price as of August 2019)

Discount Ticket Comparison: Costco vs. Disney World

#3 Park Savers

Park Savers is a lesser-known discount company and they have glowing reviews from experts like Disney Tourist Blog and Touring Plans.

Some people claim that they run better discounts compared to Undercover Tourist at certain times throughout the year, so be sure to shop around before purchasing! 

Two other companies that Disney Tourist Blog and Touring Plans recommend are Official Ticket Center and Maple Leaf Tickets. These two and Park Savers are about equal in savings and reputation. I have no reason to believe that Park Savers, Official Ticket Center, and Maple Leaf Tickets are better or worse than each other. 

Discount Ticket Comparison: Park Savers vs. Disney World Website

3-Day Base Ticket for September 2nd, 2019
(Price As of August 2019)

Discount Ticket Comparison: Park Savers vs. Official Disney World Website

#2 Get Away Today

Get Away Today is my personal favorite if I’m traveling to Disneyland in California. They have fantastic deals on Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels and great Customer Service. Periodically, they will run crazy good flash sales. (The Black Friday deal in 2018 was unbeatable.) 

They do super fun Disneyland live shows on Facebook too! 

As for Disney World, they offer great deals on packages (that includes hotel stay) or tickets for 4 days or longer. (They don’t offer Disney World tickets less than 3 days.)

They also have Layaway Plans, which gives you the option to pay off your package throughout the year and Peace of Mind insurance, which allows you to make changes to your purchases.

They don’t stick to just Disney either. They run killer deals on Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood tickets, Legoland, Southern California attractions, and a plethora of U.S. destinations!

Discount Ticket Comparison: Get Away Today vs. Disney World

4-Day Base Ticket for September 2nd, 2019
(Price as of August 2019)

Discount Ticket Comparison: Get Away Today vs. Disney World

#1 Undercover Tourist

I like to call Undercover Tourist Ye Olde Standby. The deals are great and their reputation is even better.

Travel Agents everywhere cringe when their clients mention Undercover Tourist. They know they’re about to lose some serious commission when the name comes up.

Get Away Today wins for discount Disneyland tickets, but when it comes to Disney World in Orlando, you can’t go wrong with Undercover Tourist. 

They’ve been in the discount biz for a long time and they know what they’re doing. Since they have such a good reputation, Cast Members are well aware of this company and can help you if you have questions or problems with the tickets. This can be a life-saver. 

The most popular deal is the Buy 4 Days Get 1 Day Free which is offered frequently throughout the year.

Discount Ticket Comparison: Undercover Tourist vs. Disney World

3-Day Base Ticket for September 2nd, 2019
(Price as of August 2019)

Discount Ticket Comparison: Undercover Tourist vs. Disney World

Three Additional Discount Options (Only Available to Some!)


Tickets at Work is a corporate employee benefit offered at some companies. They offer discounted stage shows, park tickets, sports events, and more to employees. Check your work benefits to see if they offer employee discounts through this program!

Military Discount (Official Disney Discount)

Active or retired members of the Military may have the option to purchase discounted Disney World tickets and hotel rates. Generally, you can only purchase 4 or 5 Park Hopper/Park Hopper Plus Disney World tickets through this discount. You also have the option of staying at the military-exclusive resort, Shades of Green! 

To check if you are qualified for the discount head over to Military Disney Tips. The author details the requirements and all the different deals members of the military can get. 

P.S. You have to call the Disney World Reservation hotline to check for rates on all military discounts.

Florida Resident (Official Disney Discount)

Florida Resident? Well, lucky you! I long for the day that I can purchase a Florida resident discounted ticket because those deals are good. As a Floridian, you get discounts on Annual Passes, 1-day tickets, and various ticket and package deals.

Side Note: DVC Members also receive discounts on Annual Passes, but usually not day passes. Thought it was worth mentioning if you’re thinking of renting some Disney property!

Mr Ray in Finding Nemo the Musical in Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Money-Saving Hack: Paying for Your Vacation with Disney Gift Cards
(Sam’s Club vs. Target RED Card

I can’t talk about Disney discount tickets without mentioning this age-old hack. 

Disney gift cards can be used to pay for your tickets, hotels, food, merchandise, and pretty much everything else at Disney World. Buying gift cards ahead of time is a good way to stay within a set budget. 

Spend your gift cards and you’ll know exactly how much you’ve spent on churros! 

Gift cards can also be a good way to save money on your vacation. If you buy gift cards from Target or Sam’s Club, you’ll get a percentage off the gift card amount. That discounted price goes back into your pocket. Then you can pay off your vacation package with the gift cards. Just make sure that you spend every penny of your gift cards so it doesn’t go to waste.

Sam’s Club

You must be a Sam’s Club member to use the discount. These memberships start at $45 a year. Buying Disney gift cards through Sam’s Club will give you about 3-4% off your total purchase so the discount is a little less than Target. I would advise opting for Sam’s Club if you are already a member or plan to be.

Members are also offered discounts on Disney World tickets and special event tickets like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Sam’s Club was doing a good discount for Annual Passes, but they’re now discontinued.

Like I said, I would only go through Sam’s Club if you’re a frequent visitor to the grocery store.

Target RED Card

Target offers 5% back when you purchase gift cards (or anything else) with the RED card. 

This means if you buy $5000 worth of gift cards and paid for your whole vacation this way, you saved $250!

The downside is that you have to sign up for their credit card to get the discount. For those of you who are wary of signing up for a credit card, this might not be the best option. 

For those of you who use trips to Target as a form of therapy (like me!), this card may work to your advantage. You’ll save money on your Disney vacation package and other essentials like swimsuits and sunscreen.

The Downside of Buying Discount Theme Park Tickets

Woman frightened next to Mickey's Toontown Police Phone in Disneyland

Disney Travel Planners won’t have the ability to help you plan your vacation.

Discount hacking is great for Disney DIYers who love to plan their own vacations. Some people get a real thrill out of saving a dollar here and there. If that’s you, go for it! 

Chances are you don’t need a Travel Agent if you’re a theme park expert and don’t mind getting up early to book your dining reservations.

However, if you want the help of a Disney Travel Planner to map out your vacation, you won’t be able to purchase discount tickets. 

Why’s that? Disney Travel Planners are only paid if you book directly through them and they make the reservation through Disney at Disney’s prices. Going through a 3rd party vendor like Undercover Tourist or a travel booking website like Expedia means they don’t get paid for all the help and research they did for you.

Bottom Line: Which Disney World discount ticket company is the most trustworthy and has the best deals?

Each company runs deals throughout the year and this is where you will have to do some comparison shopping. Once in a while, a company will have a flash sale with unbeatable prices. 

The most popular choice for Disney World discount tickets is Undercover Tourist. They are trustworthy, have great deals, and are well-known throughout the Disney community. You can feel confident about purchasing their products. 

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15 Ways to Save on Your Disney Vacation!

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