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Since there is SO MUCH to do at Disney as an adult, I had to pull all of my resources and create a guide instead of a regular blog post. That way, I didn’t miss a single thing to do and it’s easy for you to navigate.  Find the sign-up box below and get your guide! This guide includes where to party, where to stay, and what to do at Disney as a grown-up. I’m super excited to share it with you! Mostly because it means one more adult who isn’t afraid to show up to Disney World and have a great time. If you have kids, that’s super cool too! Most of the tips, restaurants, and events I talk about welcome children too.

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100 Things to Do for Grown-Ups at Disney World

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If you don’t want to sign up for the newsletter, I’ve got four great tips for visiting Disney World as an adult below. 

4 Awesome Pro-Tips for Visiting Disney World as a Grown-Up

1 – Take advantage of Single Riders Lines

The Single Riders Line is helpful if you want to cut down on wait times and your party doesn’t mind being separated. Find the line near the regular standby line and when the ride vehicle has an odd number of guests, the Cast Member will call upon a single rider to fill up the space. Occasionally, you’ll get lucky and board with your party members. Disney World has three rides that allow single riders: Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, Test Track in Epcot, and Rock n’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios.

2- Don’t Be Afraid to Go Solo

If you’re using this trip to bond with a significant other, maybe you shouldn’t leave them at the hotel. However, if you end up traveling with a group of friends, try spending some time in the parks on your own. I know people think this is a little strange, but believe me, I’ve had some wonderful times soaking up the Disney scene all by myself. The freedom of enjoying whatever show, ride, or food that you want can be liberating!

3-Arrive late, dine late, leave late

 Both arriving early and making early reservations mean you may end up sharing the space with larger families and small children. This might not bother you, but if you’re looking for a quiet meal or want to share the parks with fewer kids, arriving and dining late can help.

4-Use those Extra Magic Hours

If you’d rather arrive early, this perk is a great way to get extra time in the parks with slightly smaller crowds. After all, traveling with an adults-only group means you can stay longer in the parks without anyone getting too cranky. On the flipside, I do advise taking a midday pool break if you arrive early. You don’t want to wear yourself out too quickly!

At first glance, I know it seems hard to believe that it’s adults go to Disney World without little ones. It is, after all, an amusement park inspired by a cartoon mouse. But I’m here to tell you that it is perfectly lovely to visit the parks as an adult. There are incredible resorts built to feel like spa retreats, large events catered towards adult interests, and tons of cocktails to be consumed. If you’re still afraid of being the only fully grown person in the parks, don’t be. An average of 52 million people visit Disney World every year and many of them are childfree adults visiting for their honeymoons, anniversaries, solo trips, or group getaways. Take it from me, a twenty-something with no kids who decided to start a business devoted to reviewing theme parks.

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100 Things to Do for Grown-Ups at Disney World

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